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Anyone who does business online has encountered the term “SEO,” or Search Engine Optimization.

It’s definitely an important factor in getting people to see your products or services… to do business online, you’ve got to get traffic to your website before you can make a sale!

SEO is, in many ways, both an art and a science – the playing field changes from time to time, with different web development practices and new search engine algorithms, and entrepreneurs and SEO experts alike must be agile and flexible to roll with the punches…

There are TONS of factors at work in an SEO strategy…

SEO strategy covers many bases… but what about once it’s all in place?

Once you’ve got everything in order, and people are flocking to your website in droves… what do you do with all that traffic?

…If you’re products aren’t in place, if your content isn’t informative and engaging, if your Unique Advantage Point isn’t apparent… you’ll have brought all of these people to your site for nothing.

In other words, you can invite all of the people you want… but you better have something for them when they arrive!

To take this one step further…

If you really want to ensure your online success, you will make a point to have strong SEO… but you won’t stop there…

As I said above, SEO can change… whether it’s some new Google algorithm (as we’ve seen before), or some new method of web design we haven’t even though of yet… it’s constantly changing…

And for that reason, you simply can’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

The best SEO in the world doesn’t negate the need for other methods of getting your message out to your prospects and customers – from direct mail to newsletters, billboards to social media presence… pay per click to media buys…

The best strategies are the ones that can weather storms and keep up with people’s changing preferences.

The more diverse strategies you have in place, the more resilient your business will be to unforeseen changes in consumer behavior (or in the technical elements we rely on for marketing… like SEO).

In each issue of the Insiders’ Club newsletter, we talk about these various strategies – each adding a spoke to The Money Wheel – the more spokes you have, the stronger the wheel.

SEO is just one spoke – but if it breaks (and it’s one of the only spokes you have), you’re in for a bumpy ride.

So, make sure your SEO is tip-top, but don’t let it cloud your mind as the end-all be-all of marketing success – there’s plenty else to work on too!

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