Marketing to Fortune 100 Companies

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I get a ton of questions from entrepreneurs around the world. For years, I’d make a point to tackle a question or two as part of my members’ only newsletter…

Because I think everyone could benefit from these Q&A articles, we’re pulling questions from the archives to present here!

Let’s not waste any more time.

QUESTION: “Hi Charlie, what can you tell me about marketing to Fortune 100 companies?”


Wonderful question, and one I’ve been discussing – in much detail – with a rock star coaching client.

It’s been proven that people make decisions based on emotions and justify them using logic – this includes B2B prospects.

Understand that the decision maker you are targeting frequently has different motives than what you may believe to be true on the surface.

…And these “emotions” are often tied to a few areas:

  1. Job Security: “How could working with you get me fired?”
  2. Acceptance: “Will people believe I made a smart decision for choosing you?”
  3. Convenience: “Will working with you make my job harder?”

To market to Fortune 100 Companies, understand and empathize with these concerns to make your decision maker’s job easier, safer, and more enjoyable… While at the same time making them look great in front of their peers and boss.

This means you need to take the time to understand what your decision maker wants – and what they need (both are not related).

For example:

I worked with a client who sold to HR departments of Fortune 100 companies. Within a few phone calls, we determined the HR director required additional approval from her boss, and because she often received a lot of pushback from her superiors, it was our job to give her all the information, education, and understanding possible to help her pitch the service to her boss.

It was most important that she felt like she was making a smart decision – because she didn’t want to get fired.

During the sales process, we asked very specific questions to find out what we could do to help her do her job better… So, we needed to uncover what challenges, obstacles, and frustrations she was feeling. We also wanted to know what her ideal situation looked like, as well as what helped her sleep better at night.

From there – week-after-week and month-after-month – we continued to deliver educational, entertaining, and enjoyable content to nurture the relationship and further the sale.

As a marketer, your presentation and sales material must bridge the gap between “needs” and “wants.”

What type of information can you provide to your prospects via email, articles, webinars, white papers, videos, etc. that will further educate, enrich, and enlighten them?

What kind of information will they find value in that will not only help them achieve their ultimate result, but will also position you as a trusted authority?

What can you give them that will make their job (and decision) easier, safer, and more enjoyable?

Nurture… Nurture… Nurture!

Hope this helps!

In your corner,


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