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A startling amount of so-called marketing experts claim that ‘direct mail is dead’…

… and, my response to such ignorance is:

“Good, that means there’s less competition for me!”

Direct mail is not only alive – it’s currently one of the most profitable opportunities that exist for today’s marketer.

Look, wouldn’t you think if digital communication was so good then the online giants of the world, namely Google and Microsoft (for example), would rely solely on email and other online communication?!

…but they don’t…

In fact, they spend millions of dollars each year reaching out to customers and prospects using direct mail.  That’s right, the good ole’ fashion paper-and-ink snail mail.


Because it works.

So why are so many marketing experts claiming that direct mail is dead?

Well,  the biggest reason boils down to poor list segregation.  In other words, they either don’t select the list correctly or they are presenting the list with the wrong message.

Here’s a few tips that I’ve shared with our Insider’s Club Members that will help make your direct mail marketing more effective and profitable:

  1. Don’t mass mail.  Clearly identify your target market and write specifically to their needs.  The better, more targeted your list, the greater your response.
  2. Use a stamp.  Sending your mail via bulk mail instantly gives the impression of bulk mail (also known as ‘junk mail’).
  3. Handwrite the envelope.  Many printers have a program for mail merging your envelopes with a special handwriting font. This will increase your open rate.
  4. Write Good Copy.  Be sure to capture their attention with a good headline; talk about the problem your prospect is having; inspire further interest by introducing the solution; create desire for the product; and prove the reader with a strong call to action.
  5. Personalize. Use the person’s first name and make the mail as personal as possible. People want to know you care about them and that they’re not just another number.

… and, remember, the three most important words in any marketing campaign – test, test, test – start out small and increase your investment slowly once you’ve found a target market and message match. Direct mail could be a big win for your business.

With gratitude,


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