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How to Use Colors Your Customers Will Love

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According to research by the CCICOLOR – Institute for Color Research, between 62% and 90% of a person’s initial judgment of a product, person, or environment is based on color alone – but what do different colors mean?

Have you ever wondered why so many doctor’s offices and insurance companies use blue logos? Or why sale and clearance signs are always red? Maybe you’ve noticed that luxury products are often advertised with bold black backgrounds…

It’s no accident…

This infographic from KISSmetrics provides a pretty fantastic “at a glance” look at how our emotions are affected by different colors:


It all comes down to the message you want to convey with your marketing…

Is your offer urgent? Do you want to excite and thrill your prospects? Maybe red is the best color to feature in your advertising…

Are you selling an all-natural product? Seeking to educate your prospects? Research would indicate that green would be your best bet…

Now, even though there’s all this research about what colors work best for certain messages or target markets – it’s still up to you to figure out what works best for your company… and that means (you knew it was coming): Test! Test! Test!

Setup split testing for your ads or landing pages with color as the only difference – the results will show you which color has more of an effect on your prospects.

…and split testing is easy with tools like Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely (for example).

Use the research as a guideline for colors to stay away from (to avoid evoking certain, unwanted emotions).

Colors make a huge difference in the way we’re received by customers and prospects!

…and at the risk of sounding too repetitive, TEST!

Find a color scheme (or a couple) that fit the message you want to present, and run split tests to see which yields the best results.

When you get a feel for how color is affecting your specific market, you’ll have yet another awesome tool in your kit for establishing yourself as a trusted leader in your industry.

In your corner,


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