Delivering Value: Don’t Sell The Right Service To The Wrong Person

A man scanning a credit card through a card reading machine

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If you’re the sort of person who gets your thrills by selling ice to Eskimos, you’re doing yourself a grave disservice. However, if you genuinely LISTEN to your prospects with a keen desire to make sure you can help them – you’re heading in the right direction!

I cannot stress this enough, because tips and scripts I give you are powerful…

So powerful that they can persuade the wrong person into taking further action with you. DON’T TAKE THE BITE OF EVE’S APPLE. The world is too small to manage a trailing wake of dissatisfied buyers.

Again, your job is to find the right buyers, deliver value, and get paid in direct proportion to the value you provide.

You have a moral and ethical responsibility as an entrepreneur to help people get closest to their ultimate result. Earn their trust, and once you have it, cherish it. Nothing I could ever teach you is worth more than earning their trust.

So, assuming you’ve prequalified your prospect… The actions you take NOW will have a critical impact on your ability to close the deal on a longer sales call.

At Predictable Profits, we like to send a quick value-added video that contains information to help them resolve their problem. The video is to deliver “value in advance” of them paying us.

You’re demonstrating value in advance of asking for money, and indoctrinating them with your methods, philosophies, and unique differentiating factors.

You can do the same thing in your business too!

Start with a script, make it your own, and then ask yourself: “What else can I do for my prospect, in advance of our next call, to that proves I’m a leading authority with value-added information.”

Short videos, special reports, articles, etc. that have value and demonstrate your proficiency are awesome.

what now?

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