Could Mark Zuckerberg’s New “Big Idea” Be A Losing Proposition?

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If 5 billion people, scattered among the most remote corners of the world, can’t afford (or don’t have access to) equipment or service to connect to the Internet, what can Mark Zuckerberg possibly do about it?

Why would any one person take on a challenge of that magnitude? Where would they even start?

Even taking steps toward this goal is daunting… it’s a pretty big deal.

And the Facebook CEO is back in the headlines because he’s done something huge…

Zuckerberg announced a mission to bring Internet access to the entire world.

This isn’t just huge… it’s bold, it’s brave, it’s downright heroic!

And when entrepreneurs can pull off something heroic, they don’t just secure themselves in the history books… They secure themselves in the hearts and minds of their customers and prospects as well.

As always, it comes down to value.

Bringing Internet access to third world countries is about something far bigger than Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook – it’s about bringing people a better life, it’s about providing a much-needed service where it simply isn’t available…

It’s about changing the world.

Big, bold moves like this show anyone who’s paying attention that you don’t just talk the talk about wanting to create value for your customers… you walk the walk too.

Business moguls can feed their audiences lip service day after day, but until they actually take action… their good intentions will only make so much of an impact.

Actions are what speak to people, and secure those action-takers as leaders of more than an industry…

When business leaders make the extra effort to bring true value to the lives of their customers (or just people in general), the relationship goes beyond the standard roles of buyer and supplier…

By providing real value, by becoming a hero, a business owner can make a significantly positive impact on people’s lives – and that’s not something easily forgotten.

This is what builds relationships… What separates true leaders (those who hold the best interests of the people as more important than raw profit) from the average Joes.

When you care about people… people care about you.

Mark Zuckerberg has taken this mission on because it’s important to him personally, not because it’s important to his bank account (though the support her garners surely won’t hurt there either). He’s sticking his neck out for a cause he believes in, and putting his powerful name out there as a force for change…

Now, we aren’t all Mark Zuckerberg…

We can’t all take on challenges of global proportion…

But we can certainly learn a thing or two about using the influence we have to create and provide value.

So what’s your mission? What kind of value you can you bring to your customers? Your community? The world?

Find a cause to fight for, and become the hero your customers and prospects need!

The positive impact you make will result in a lot more than a boost in sales…

In your corner,


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