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Content marketing is a term given to a marketing strategy involving the creation and sharing of content for the purpose of educating, informing, attracting and engaging prospects with the intent of converting these prospects into paying customers.

With more competition than ever before in history – content marketing is a great way to position you as a trusted authority.

If it’s done right!

Contrary to the way many big marketing agencies poison their own marketing efforts, content marketing is not to be used a sales pitch, it’s not designed to tell people how great you are or how wonderful your products are… all your readers care about is how this piece of content is going to benefit them.

And they are looking for honest information to help them get closer to the result they are after in the fastest, most convenient and easiest way possible. So, in order to give them that result, you must know who, exactly, the message is for and what their ultimate result is….

Content Marketing Tip:  Let the reader come to the conclusion that your product/service is the “best” without YOU having to tell that to them!

To give you an idea about how well this strategy works, we created a content marketing strategy for a client based on helping people get closer to their desired result without making one pitch about the product (heck, it wasn’t even going to be made available for a few more days!). All this content was free but was so valuable to our prospects that it easily could have been sold independently.

Instead, we walked our client’s prospects down the path of letting them see the steps they needed to take to achieve their desired result, alleviating their frustrations and confusion and finally giving them a small taste of success by providing them information that took them 20% closer to where their result.

The result was overwhelming.

Imagine people literally begging to buy your product before it’s you even available!

People wanted the product so bad, several actually found the order page (which we thought was hidden) and we had over $20,000 of orders come in before we even asked for them!

And while we thought this might have been a coincidence, we’ve experienced this same phenomenon on multiple occasions.

Content Marketing Tip: When you help people get more of what they want … they naturally come to the conclusion that they’ll get even more of what they want once they start paying you.

Just like most profitable marketing, it’s not rocket science … it’s just common sense.

Secondly, in this economy, our research shows that people are being smarter with how they spend their money. Before making a purchase, they are asking their friends, researching on the Internet, reading reviews and educating themselves on the product or service most likely to meet their own individual needs.

Content Marketing Tip: Position yourself as the trusted resource in helping people make educated decisions!

That also means truly understanding and communicating who your product is for (and who it’s not for). Matching the right product, with the right people for the best result…

And when you shift from the popular “always be selling” to a genuine attitude of helping people achieve the greatest benefit, advantage and result possible – you’ve just unlocked the secret to dominating your market.

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