"One of the Highest Performing Marketing Funnels We’ve Seen!"

The CEO of a prominent media buying agency required a trusted expert to help his clients create profitable marketing funnels.

He was skeptical about making referrals to his clients because of how many different ‘funnel building experts’ failed him in the past.

Having witnessed the results of one of Predictable Profits funnels in the past, he went out on a limb and referred us to his clients.

To set the stage, the industry is highly competitive (and very noisy). It’s nearly impossible to come out with something *new* that has never been seen or heard of before. Yet, we accepted the challenge.

We worked with our client to architect a funnel that had three key components. They were a:

  1. Attention-grabbing idea that promised a big result
  2. Personalized email experience based on where each prospect was in the buying cycle
  3. Strong back-end suite of offers to increase the frequency of purchase and value of each customer

This task was definitely more challenging than most situations, but it paid off.

As it turns out, our client’s strategy became their #1 performing marketing funnel for this niche (out-performing competitors worth as much as $1 billion!).

a chart from a case study showing gross revenue growth

^ Yes, this is an image of his results executing the Predictable Profits methodology.