"Doubled Company In a Year!"

The CEO of a 7-figure B2B publishing company wanted to increase the number of qualified leads.

The company was growing; however, the CEO wanted to take his company to the next-level quicker. In truth, when he revealed his goal, we were concerned he was way too optimistic.

After connecting us with his Director of Business Development, it was clear he didn’t have a lead problem – he had a conversion problem.

Namely, they sent over 12,000 cold emails a month with low conversion numbers. To make matters worse, nearly 50% of their appointments didn’t show up for their calls. And upon additional investigation, it was determined they had thousands of warm prospects who initially said ‘not now’ but were never incentivized to reconsider.


The three main points of this strategy included:

  1. Quality Over Quantity: We reduced his outreach to 2,500 people per month and increased the number of appointments nearly 4-times by making his emails more personalized AND leveraging LinkedIn as a multi-channel approach to improving response.

  2. Systemize Follow Up: Those who made appointments now received an email confirmation and two reminders of their meeting before their scheduled time.

  3. Re-Engaged Leads: We leveraged the Predictable Profits “12 x 12 Strategy” to re-engage old leads twice a year. This promotion resulted in an automatic boost of over 30% in additional sales each time it ran.

The result?
Month-to-month sales went up every month (except 1) for the year, and they doubled revenue from the year prior. The CEO is now our #1 source for referrals.