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Father’s Day is one of my favorite holidays – a day where I can say thanks to my dad, get pampered by my kids and create marketing campaigns that bring in the money!

As a business owner/marketer, one of your roles is to look for reasons to reach out to your customers/clients and offer them an incentive to come to your store or website and make a purchase.

Well, as June turns the corner, the marketing gods give us  Father’s Day – a gift-giving holiday that can be used for businesses of all types to use creative father’s day marketing ideas to stimulate sales and boost profits!

Spouses, children and grandparents are  actively looking for gift ideas for the fathers in their life – so why not make their life a little easier by presenting them with an easier, better buying experience coupled with a reason why doing business with you will make dad’s big day a little more special?

Here are 7 Father’s Day Marketing ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. What do you buy the dad who has it all?  Stores and websites can make this process easier for customers looking to buy something for that special guy by offering a gift guide and selection based on a father’s interests.
  2. Offer a special combination of products or services at a discount over each item purchased individually.
  3. Free gift wrapping is always handy and welcomed (especially for busy children and spouses limited on time to sneak away to wrap dad’s gift).
  4. Create an event for children to come inside the business and select items just for dad.  Perhaps offer a special discount or a low-priced selection just for children making a purchase.  This will bring spouses into the business that may also be looking for a more expensive gift.
  5.  If the entrepreneur is offering a service, consider creating a tangible gift that someone could wrap up to give to their fathers.  For example, if the business offers golf instruction, perhaps offer a free golf-related gift with the purchase of golf lessons.
  6. Recognize customers or clients who are fathers with a special gift, a card or an invitation.
  7. Host a special event for fathers at the store.  Make it a big event (and kid friendly) as to drive traffic and interest.

As with any marketing campaign, Father’s Day marketing ideas that work must be interesting, unique and give your customers a reason to pay attention with a clear message about what your offering and an obvious call to action.

What are you going to do this Father’s Day to bring customers to your business?
Please share below….

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