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Growing up as a kid, my mother would say: “Everyday is Mother’s Day!”

And while that may be true (after all, motherhood is the hardest job of them all), Mother’s Day presents a tremendous opportunity to boost sales with creative marketing ideas.

Strategic Entrepreneurs take advantage of these celebrations as a way to increase profits and provide value for their customers.

Spouses, children and grandparents will be spending money to help celebrate the positive contributions our mothers have made to society.

As Entrepreneurs, it’s our job to think of creative Mother’s Day marketing ideas to help make our customer’s buying decision a little easier … as well as make the day as special as possible for their moms.

Just a little effort, sprinkled with creativity, could produce a windfall of profits for your business!

While restaurants, spas, salons, florists, and clothing retailers are usually the first to come to mind when looking to spend money on mom … strategic entrepreneurs in almost any industry can also use this holiday to create a spike in sales, regardless of the business.

With honed Mother’s Day marketing ideas, retail and service businesses alike can develop methods to stimulate sales.

Mother’s Day marketing ideas need to be interesting, unique, and give your customers a reason to pay attention while creating some exciting buying opportunities for your customer!

Here are a few creative Mother’s Day marketing ideas for small business owners:

  1.  What do you buy the mom that has it all?  Stores and websites can make this process easier for children, spouses, and others looking to buy something for that special lady by offering a gift guide or suggested selections for mothers based on their interests.
  2. Offer a special combination of products or services just for moms, offered at a discount over each item purchased individually.
  3. Free gift-wrapping is always handy and welcome (especially for busy spouses with limited time to sneak away to wrap mom’s gift).
  4. Create an event for children to come inside your store and select items just for mom. Perhaps offer a special discount to children, or offer a special low-priced selection just to kids. This will bring spouses into your business that may also be looking for a gift.
  5. If you’re offering a service, consider creating a tangible gift that a spouse or child can wrap up to give to their mothers. For example, if you’re a fitness trainer, perhaps you can offer a free gift basket with the purchase of a boot camp.
  6. As the entrepreneur, if you know your customer or client is a mother, why not recognize them with a special gift, card, or invitation?
  7. Host a special event for mothers at your store. Make it a big event (and kid friendly) as to drive traffic and interest.

Remember, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, people love being entertained and love originality!

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