3 Secrets Google Can Teach Us About Growing Any Business

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It’s hard to imagine life without Google – and while most people think of this company as merely a search engine, we use them for email, advertising, maps, “Hangouts,” calendar, and so much more.

All of these features and products make Google one of the most valuable companies in the world, with a market cap exceeding $530 billion dollars – but rest assured, their meteoric success isn’t an accident.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin fueled this growth with an understanding of their consumers ultimate result – and an unwavering drive to provide them with the greatest advantage and user experience possible.

Google’s not driven to be the world’s #1 biggest company (though, it’s often achieved that status). It’s focused on you. In fact, YOU are their #1 priority. On their About Us page, they simply state:

#1: Focus on the user and all else will follow

…And we see this approach embodied inside of their marketing strategy – a strategy that’s simple, powerful, and immediately relevant to your business.

Marketing Strategy #1: Keep Things Fresh

How many times has someone greeted you with “Hi, what’s old with you?”  

Doesn’t happen. Right?

Everyone says: “Hi, what’s NEW with you?”  


Because people don’t care about what has been… They want to know what’s new and exciting. The same applies with your customers and clients.

By creating something new, exciting, and relevant, you’re building a system and a process for getting your consumers in the mindset of continually adding value to their lives. You’re getting them to pay attention to you.

That’s why Google frequently creates updates and additions to their product line… Whether it’s web-based products, operating systems, desktop applications, mobile applications, hardware, or services – there are endless ways Google provides an advantage to you.

Here’s a snapshot at the different logos Google has used on their homepage during the first 9 days September 2016:

Google calls these logo changes “Doodles,” and use them to be “fun, surprising, and sometimes spontaneous” – just to keep things interesting.

I’ve often compared business to relationships so, what do you often hear long-time married couples say is necessary to improve their sex life? They want to break the predictable routine and “spice things up a bit.”

Businesses need to do the same thing too.

Notice how many times certain companies change packaging, create a “new and improved” model, bundle a new service together, etc.

The most strategic companies do this frequently because it’s important for growth and survival.

And the impact can be huge…

For example, I’m working with a coaching client who has had the same service for over a decade. Now, it’s hard to put the same thing in front of people time and again, and expect them to buy without any major changes to either the marketing strategy or the product, so… I ultimately recommended they “spice things up” by changing both.

The branding changed and we modified the offer to create a “2.0” version of it. Just making this change was enough to get people to pay attention to what was different, and contributed to my client achieving a 400% increase in sales within a year. He made it fresh and new!

Look, chances are that your office is filled with books, papers, your computer, etc. You can walk in your office and predictably know what you can expect to see. 

Nothing gets you to stop in your tracks and pay attention because it’s all the same… Nothing is new. Then, a little spider the size of a dime shows up on your wall – and suddenly, this itty bitty creature captures your attention because it’s different and new. That’s what we’re talking about…

Hank Freid, CEO and founder of Impulsive Group, says:

“Anyone who doesn’t keep moving with the times and presenting new ideas or a fresh face is going to get stale and the brand won’t be interesting anymore.”


And that’s why Google makes it a focus to keep things fresh, exciting, and relevant

Peter Drucker, a leading management consultant, was asked what it takes to grow a business… His response was, “Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”

Here we’re talking about innovation – and how you can move the needle by creating something new and noteworthy. You can create brand new products or services (or new versions of your products), you can generate themes or put on events, you can create relevant, engaging and fresh content… 

What else can you to do answer the question: “What’s new with you?”

Marketing Strategy #2: Deliver Value

Someone once told me, “You get paid in direct proportion to the value you bring people.”

If a Google executive sat down with you 21 years ago (when the company started) and said: “Hey, we’re going to invest billions of dollars creating products that improve peoples’ lives – and give them away for free. What do you think?”

Most of us would assume they were flat out, bat shit crazy.

^ And, yes, I just swore. Why? Because you didn’t expect me to say “shit,” and therefore – because it was different – it got you to pay attention. Didn’t it? 😉

Anyway, the point is that Google’s focus on creating and delivering value is exactly why so many people have become dependent on them.

They’re not focused on the short-term dollar – rather, they’re focused on the bigger game. They’re focused on establishing trust, building a relationship, and changing lives. They figure that if they can accomplish all of that, you’ll want to stick around.

…And they’re right.

But let’s face it: most of us don’t have the luxury of investing billions, millions, or even many thousands of dollars creating free products and services – so what can we do to deliver value?

Blogging, whitepapers, webinars, video series, etc. – content, education, and entertainment that your market values, enjoys, and appreciates.

Several weeks ago, I spoke with an entrepreneur who simply teaches entrepreneurs how to play the piano. He sells his stuff online. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right?

Heck, when I Google “How to Play the Piano,” there are over 63 million people sharing their own tips and tricks for doing the same thing.

You could even go so far as to say this market is commoditized.

Yet, this company has done well over 10 million dollars in sales.

His secret?

He said he and his team sit down every week and ask themselves: “What can we do to deliver value to our clients and customers – for free – to help them achieve a greater result in their lives?”

These valued videos, articles, email, social media posts, and text messages – designed to change lives – have created a fiercely loyal customer base with a ravaging appetite for his paid services.

People like to do business with others they know, like, and trust.

…And a focus on value makes your prospects and customers love you just that much more!

Marketing Strategy #3: Multiple Modalities and Methods

Let’s face it: Google controls much of the online and mobile traffic. They’re the 10-ton gorilla of the internet world so why, in a million years, would Google use anything else to broaden their customer base?

I mean seriously, why would Google spend millions of dollars advertising on the television, in newspapers, or use direct mail?

Heck, people often tell me that “direct mail” and “print” are dead.

So… Why?

Because Google understands that reaching customers using multiple modalities and methods exponentially increases their results.

And just because you might not read the printed USA Today – that doesn’t mean no one else does.

They use multiple modalities and methods because they work…

The internet is just one form of “media” – and when you combine multiple forms of media (each with a different reach and perceived value), you’re casting a wider net.

Not every email gets opened… Not every phone call gets returned… Not every ad gets clicked.

…So doing something a little different – like sending a direct mail piece in combination with your other efforts – instantly increases your response.

In fact, I once received a letter in the mail from Predictable Profits Academy Member, Tom Trush. Normally, I wouldn’t feel compelled to share the detailed content of such a mailing, but I want you to take a look at Tom’s approach and notice that he’s not sending a traditional sales piece…

Rather, he’s delivering value, enhancing his expert status, and – only after he’s made a compelling reason why you should improve your content – he makes an offer.

This idea of a “content upgrade” is sheer brilliance – and a strategy I’ve to tested myself.

As we’ve said: “success leaves clues” – and now you have 3 strategies that helped propel this tiny little search engine into one of the world’s most successful companies.

what now?

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