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Today, we’re talking about an important topic that can be tough to internalize: getting your customers ready to buy.

Rich Schefren mentioned in an interview for my soon-to-be released book (details coming soon):

“When marketing is done right, customers will want to buy
your products even before you tell them what you have to offer.”

This happens when you position yourself as someone they can trust, and as an expert at uniquely being able to provide the solution your prospect desperately wants.

How do you do get people ready to buy?

Creating valuable, engaging, and informative communication.

First, Don’t Call Your Dog on the Phone

Every time my family and I travel, my parents watch after my dog. Now, because they sincerely believe Monet (my pooch) wants to talk with me, when I call they put me on speaker so I can sound like a total idiot trying to call my dog – who just lays on the floor, staring at the phone, with a look in her eyes saying: “what makes you think I want to talk on the phone?”

Now, the funny thing about marketing is that while communication is essential, some people respond better to online marketing, others to direct mail, and many to video.

So where do you start?

Think about this: if you’re a “Millennial” (someone who is 19 to 35 years of age), chances are you’ll get a better response using social media, video, and email… but if you look at the opposite side of the scale, those 50 and over… you might do better with direct mail, print, and radio.

Of course, it’s not mutually exclusive – but we tend to get different response rates based on different medias, with some outweighing others depending on demographic, psychographic, and purchase history.

To be competitive and get the right people ready to buy, every business should broaden their communication channels to find ways to relate with their customers.

(And I’ll readily admit, I help my clients do what I say, but I need to be doing more of this too – but until I do, it’s my moral obligation to tell you everything that’s working – even if I have to reveal a little mud on my face…)

So here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing.

#1 – Create your own media channels

You have the means to create your own media.

Start a video series, podcast, blog, live Google Hangout, something. The point is that you can do much more than create 30-second commercials that nobody wants to watch.

Create valuable media that people will subscribe to, watch, and share.

Rather than adding to the noise of traditional marketing, your business needs to focus on developing your own media channels that drive fans to your products and services.

In essence, your role is to find out what problems your customers have – then tell them what to do to solve them (and here’s a special Insiders’ Club tip: if your prospects want to know “how” to do what you tell them to do… that’s when they’ve got to pay you for the answer – after all, while the purpose of business is to provide people with a greater advantage – the goal of business is to profit).

#2 – Define your company and your customers

Everyone enjoys a little competition, and we all love to cheer for our team. If you have a business competitor, don’t be afraid to name them and explain why you’re different – and better.

You also need to be able to apologize for your own mistakes. This reminds customers that your business is being run by real people they can relate to, and most importantly, it creates trust.

#3 – Relate with your customers

People like to do business with people they know and trust.

Nothing helps to build that bond better than letting your customers get to know the people behind your brand.

Blogs, video journals, and interviews are a great way to introduce your customers to the people inside your company.

In fact, you can see what I mean on the Zappos Family Blog here.

So, there are my inspirational thoughts for the day – the key takeaway: not all customers are created equal. To truly create Predictable Profits inside of your own business, think outside the box and communicate to your customers how and where they want!

And when you really think about it… you’ll likely see your competitors aren’t doing anything close to this. But that just leaves the door open for someone (hopefully you) to walk in and dominate.

With gratitude,


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