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Christmas is the perfect time to show your customers how much you value their business.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to fully capitalize on the goodwill they can engender during the happiest time of the year…

When it comes to creative Christmas marketing ideas, a lot of businesses think only in terms of “Xmas Sales.” As a result, they discount their products to boost short-term sales.

While this can increase revenues in the short-term, it doesn’t create long-term loyalty. Bargain hunters are driven by price and will quickly move on to your competitors to get the latest deal.

But if Christmas marketing is done the right way, you will be building loyalty – which can last through out the year.

Here are some of examples of Christmas marketing ideas that build loyalty:

1. WestJet “Christmas Miracle” Viral Video

One of the key principles I teach is giving your customers what they truly want.

One company that has taken this principle quite literally is the airline WestJet.

Before boarding their plane at Toronto Pearson Airport, passengers were asked by Santa what they wanted for Christmas…

Once the requests were collected, a team of 150 WestJet staff located each of the desired gifts in the destination city of Ontario…

The presents were then wrapped, and each was individually labeled with the name of the recipient.

As the passengers waited to get their luggage, their presents hit the conveyor belt.

Not surprisingly, the customers were blown away!

WestJet recorded a video of the promotional stunt and distributed it through their YouTube channel.

They fully captured the sentiment of Christmas giving and the video went viral, garnering more than 27 million views!

And before the release of that video, WestJet had 3,700 subscribers – not a bad number for an airline’s video channel.

But after the release of the video… the number of subscribers jumped to over 24,400!

The best part about the video is not that the company is giving away presents… it’s that WestJet is rewarding their most valuable asset: the customers.

2. Gift Giving and Endowed Progress

If you are looking for a way to reward your loyal customers other than offering discounts, considering giving them a gift voucher.

According to studies by the National Retail Association, 61% of gift card holders spend more than the total value of the gift card.

You can also make use of what is known as endowed progress to further increase customer loyalty.

The idea of endowed progress is this:

If people perceive that they have already made progress towards a goal, they are more likely to take steps to complete it.

A good example of this exists with loyalty cards…

Studies have shown that if a customer is given a Buy 10, get 1 free card with two of the stamps already marked, they are more likely to make the required purchases to receive the freebie than if they are given an Buy 8, get 1 free card with no stamps marked.

Endowed progress is a great way to reward your customers for their loyalty while also moving them towards a desired outcome.

Think about how you can help your customers to start moving towards their ultimate result next year!

3. The Power of The Personal Touch

Have you ever received a handmade Christmas card from someone close to you… perhaps from your child or significant other?

The time and thought that person used to craft it is implicit in the card itself…

It feels pretty special, doesn’t it?

Now, compare that to the feeling to that of the generic, preprinted cards that most businesses send out over Christmas, thanking their customers for their business…

It’s not quite the same feeling. Not even close.

If you want to show your customers that you truly appreciate them, then taking a little time to craft a personalized message can go a long way.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to reward your customers and build loyalty that will put your business on strong footing for the New Year.

Happy Holidays!

In your corner,


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