The Secret to More Sales

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customer trustThe other day I was sitting in the dentist’s chair expecting to have a filling on just one tooth.

As the Doctor prepared for the procedure, he stopped and said, “Okay, it looks like one of your old fillings is gathering bacteria underneath it, I think we should replace that too.  If you choose to ignore it, it might lead to nerve damage and cause rot throughout the entire tooth.”

Damn, that sucks.  A rotten tooth?  Time to get ‘er fixed! So I told him to take care of both teeth….

Then he took an x-ray and also noticed a slight discoloration between two of my back teeth.

“Hmm. Look at this.  Your teeth look fine now but at some point, you’re going to have to schedule another appointment and get this filled … or … I could save you the hassle and extra expense by taking care of this for you today while we’re already working in your mouth.”

Before I knew it, my simple filling turned into three fillings and an x-ray!!

While I wasn’t happy about all the extra work, I knew it had to be done.  If this was my first appointment, I would have questioned his diagnosis but, because I’ve had a relationship with him for a while now, he’s earned my trust and I chose to follow his recommendations without question or remorse.

I do believe he’s looking out for my best interest.

Winning more sales is proportionate to the amount of trust you’ve established with your prospects and customers.

Until you’ve established trust, your prospect enters your office (or visits your website) with skepticism.

They want to know:

  • Are you for real?
  • Are your promises genuine?
  • Can you can really deliver the goods/services as advertised?
  • Am they getting a good deal?
  • Is this the right decision for them?

And the key to establishing this trust comes down to one word: relationship.

With any relationship, it starts with being a good listener and understanding your clients/prospects problems, their desired result and communicating ways in which you can help them.

And as important as  communication is … it’s almost always one of the weakest parts of any business … and one of the most ignored ways to ramp up profits.

So take a look at how you communicate with your prospects and clients …

How often do you communicate?

How do they respond to your communication?

What could you be doing better?

Get this right and you’re one step closer to generating predictable profits for your business.

With gratitude,


P.S.  Marketing is communication and becoming a better marketer means you’ll be communicating with your prospects better, more effectively and more profitably.  This, any more, are just some of the topics we discover in the Predictable Profits Insiders Club.

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