The REAL Economic Calendar

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Is it just me or do you feel like there’s always a new reason to buy someone a gift?

… and, surely, I’m particularly sensitive to this issue because it’s often a struggle to me for come up with another sensational idea for a present ….

And, it got me thinking.

Do you think that it’s any coincidence that there’s some-sort of economic stimulus each month – 12 months of the year?  I think not.

Let’s take a look at the ‘real’ economic calender and it’s potential impact on your business.

  • January: New Years Day – this is a time for celebration!  Restaurants and night clubs benefit that night (as do our friends at Dom Perignon!)  Additionally, there’s an influx in cash due to individuals setting their New Year’s resolutions … gym memberships, weight loss products, personal and professional development, and almost anything related to beauty.  And, ladies, don’t get me started on how ‘necessary’ it is for you to buy a new dress for the occasion!
  • February:  Valentine’s Day – I do enjoy this holiday because it just gives me another reason to tell my sweetheart that I truly love and appreciate her.  But, folks, you bet that your love only goes so far … that’s right … we’re talking chocolates, flowers, jewelry and a nice evening out on the town.
  • March: St. Patrick’s Day – Green hats, green beer … and, heck, my mother would even have green milk that day!  This isn’t one of the biggest holidays – but, trust me, if you’re a restaurant owner, cattle rancher (hello corned-beef) or in the booze business – it’s a good day.
  • April:  Easter – You bet that my kids are anticipating their Easter egg hunt this year!  And, in addition to the baskets our little furry friend brings them on Easter morning – you can bet that the grandparents have a little something for them too!  And the brunch on Easter is to die for!
  • May: Mother’s Day – Being a mom is truly the hardest job on earth so they deserve a day all to themselves!  And, to show our appreciation, we indulge our mothers and wives in flowers, chocolates, jewelry, clothing and anything else that will get us a few brownie points.  And, moms, you bet that there’s a special meal planned as well!
  • June: Father’s Day – And, yes, us dad’s would like a little recognition every once in a while as well.  Shy of the chocolates, you bet that Father’s Day is welcomed with all sorts of big-kid toys, golf, electronics and more food.
  • July: July 4 – Beer, fireworks, beer, BBQ, beer and a whole plethora of decorations (did I mention beer?).  If you’re in the grocery/food business, you’re stocking your shelves and ready for long lines at the cash register!
  • August: Back to School! – Sure, we might have National Waffle Day in August, but the real money comes in with all the “Back to School” specials.  New clothes, books, pencils, calculators, etc.
  • September:  Labor Day – Kick off the school year with a massive BBQ, more beer and lots and lots of food!
  • October: Halloween – You can’t go to a Halloween Party or special night club event without having a cool costume, right?  Oh, and if you have kids, you better believe that they need a new costume every year!  And, of course, this is definitely a favorite holiday for the candy manufacturers!  You gotta make sure that you have the proper reflectors, candy bag and some of those neat decorations for your house too.
  • November: Thanksgiving – If you live in America, then you already know how big this holiday is ….  This is probably the BIGGEST food holiday of the year.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, apple pie and that’s just the beginning.  Between household decorations, food, alcohol … you bet they’ve got you for an easy couple hundred bucks.
  • December: Christmas – Kick off the year with a bang!  Christmas is the BIGGEST shopping season out of the entire year.  Heck, Christmas is such a big event, many retail businesses do just as much business in this one month as they do all year!  Imagine over $508 billion dollars in sales for just one month!

And, of course, I left out anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirement and a whole slew of other religious holidays (i.e. Baptisms, First Communion, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc.)

So, when you really think about it, people are always have a reason to spend money … now, as an entrepreneur or business owner … ask yourself:

“What can I offer my client or customer that will give them a superior experience, better benefit or greater value for this coming Holiday?”

The business with the best answer will win your customer’s business.

Pick a few holidays and think about how many ways you can use creative marketing to generate new leads, repeat business and/or just to tell your clients how much you appreciate their business.

No matter what business you’re in, don’t think that just because it’s Valentine’s Day (for example) you can’t offer your clients a special experience – our friends at Swiesz Family Chiropractors offered new patients a $14 “Valenspines” special where all proceeds were donated to charity – a creative way to generate some buzz….

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