What entrepreneurs, like you, have to say about us

Michael Mogill
CEO of Crisp Video Group
Paul Lemberg
Best Selling Author of "Be Unreasonable"
I learn more from you in a simple 1-hour phone call about marketing than if I were to spend 48 hours reading about it. Our time together is one of the best investments of my time when it comes to growing my business.
Lane Campbell
CEO, June, Inc.
The more time I spend with Charlie, the more I appreciate his wisdom and experience.
A true giver, Charlie will do what it takes to help anyone succeed. He is a rare person who makes a difference.
Danny Schayes
NBA All-Star, Entrepreneur
When you work with [Predictable Profits], everyone on the team performs at a higher level. You get strategies that help you think differently and results come quickly. With the their help, we exceeded our goals this year and look forward to his continued help as we grow.
Scott Gerber
CEO, Community Co
I’m neurotically picky about who I work with. I’m looking for excellence, nuance, deep care, and someone who is relentless about getting it jusssst right. Charles Gaudet and the Predictable Profits Team is exactly that. Highly recommend!
Josh Shipp
Founder of Youth Speaker University
Todd Mitchell
CEO, Trading Concepts, Inc.
Jen Gordon
Jen Gordon, CEO of The Hope Deck
...The effect that Charlie’s tactics and tools can have on your business far exceed what you can imagine now, because you simply can’t imagine the level to which Charlie will take your thinking. This is a man who not only wakes up thinking about how he can help increase his value to you – I am convinced it is built into his DNA, and that he is consumed by that thought throughout the day…
Todd Engle
I’ve worked with some extraordinary people in this world, and Charles Gaudet is no exception. He sits among an exclusive list of positive deviants who are changing the world and opening up new possibilities for innovation, growth, and contribution. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Charles Gaudet or his company will certainly find the experience rewarding.
Marshall Thurber
Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary and Author
Thirty years ago I started a niche business and sold it. It is still generating revenue today. If I had Charles Gaudet as my guide back then I would be very rich today. Don’t miss this.
Denny Hatch
Author, Target Marketing Magazine
The first time I worked with him on a project, I knew from the start that we would be successful, and we were. He was so impactful for me that I am confident that his special abilities in business will make a huge difference for anyone!
Wendy Lucero-Schayes
Entrepreneur, Olympian, 9X National Champion