How Samsung Won Back Its Reputation

iStock_000038003148_SmallIn the past, Samsung had a reputation for neglecting customer service…

More recently, a reevaluation of sorts has taken place at the company. The electronics brand (like many other companies) has to come to realize just how important delivering fantastic customer service is for the bottom line…

So, what have they done to fix the problem?  [Read more…]

5 “Boring” Companies Succeeding With Content Marketing

Content Marketing ConceptWe know that trust drives loyalty…

And that one of the best ways to build that trust is with informative, entertaining, and relevant content.

To put some concrete numbers to it:

60% of customers say they have a more positive view of companies that deliver custom content.

Author and marketer Seth Godin goes as far as saying that he believes:

“’Content marketing is the only marketing left.”

Technology is empowering consumers to filter the marketing messages they are exposed to…

But content marketing provides a way to reach those consumers through entertaining and educational material that they actually want to dig into.

For some industries, content marketing is a natural fit. Companies like Red Bull and Nike have access to a rich supply of content through involvement with adrenalin pumping sports…

But what if you are in a “boring” industry?

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How Harley Davidson Revs Up Sales

Close up of classical Harley Davidson motorcycleIn the third quarter of 2014, Harley Davidson sales beat an already strong previous year…

Harley isn’t just an iconic American brand, it’s also a fantastic case study of successful marketing.

They’ve managed to stay relevant and build a huge brand despite a changing marketplace and an aging buyer demographic.

Let’s take a look at how they became THE legendary American motorcycle – and how they’ve managed to stayed on top… [Read more…]

David and Goliath Marketing: Disrupting The Music Industry to Make History

Microphone on the mixing deskHi everybody, Mike here for another marketing article from a slightly different perspective…

Charlie likes to refer to me as his “rock star” assistant – partly because of the role I play in the Predictable Profits team, and partly because, well, I’m more or less obsessed with music…

I’ve been playing drums for 16 years, play in half a dozen bands, make hip hop beats, write lyrics, arrange parts for other musicians, and recently took up learning the guitar… [Read more…]

Winning Consumer Trust In A Skeptical Market

iStock_000013872578_SmallIn a recent Global RepTrak 100 study by the Reputation Institute (which interviewed 55,000 consumers), only 25% said they could trust what companies say in their advertising.

Seriously… 25%

Obviously, developing trust is a major challenge…

But is also a real opportunity for businesses. When a company is trusted by customers, this opens the gates for premium pricing.

Developing a Win/Win Mentality

Why are so many businesses failing to win their customers’ trust?

The answer is often because they are focused solely on the sale… [Read more…]

How Mark Cuban Turned Trouble Into Triumph

Trouble into triumph“I hate to lose.”

Four little words…

But for billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, they spelled trouble – and in typical Cuban-style, a brand new business opportunity too…

When Cuban was investigated by the SEC (the charges were later dropped), one of the pieces of information that the government focused on was that short statement…

That the message was in reference to a Mavericks game was considered less important. The SEC believed that because Cuban “hated to lose,” he must logically be willing to do anything to win…. Including insider trading. [Read more…]

How to Multiply Your Profits With “Dead” Media

dead media?When establishing your business, no one can deny the power of getting your message out…

But what’s the best way to get your business or product out there?

There are so many questions to ask…

…Should you stick to online advertising?

…Wow everyone with a website, blog, or newsletter?

…Maybe run catchy ads on local radio or television stations?

…What about employing a skywriter?

…Is a direct mail blast a good way reach customers who need to hear your message? [Read more…]

How A $600 Billion Industry Is Being Transformed

SupermarketThe grocery business is one of the largest industries in the world. It’s also one that is set to undergo some major disruption…

Estimates suggest that in the United States alone, groceries are a $600 billion industry.

And unlike many other sectors, the grocery industry has managed to resist the biggest trends in retail – until recently, virtually all of those sales happened offline.

According to Business Insider, in fact, online sales currently make up less than 15% of total food and beverage sales! (Source)

That’s all poised to change, though… [Read more…]